Behind the Podcast: Don’t Be a Lone Wolf

July 16, 2020

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On season one episode two of Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto, Brad and Michael share the story of Dr. Bear, a well-known and innovative orthopedic surgeon who wanted to use STEM cells to alleviate pain without surgery. After partnering with a physician and his non-physician team, Dr. Bear ended up under investigation by the medical board for what other people did without his knowledge. Listen to this episode to learn why it is crucial for physicians to seek legal counsel when doing business with non-physicians.

Tune in to this episode of Behind The Podcast as Michael and Brad share a behind the scenes look from the podcast episode!

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ByrdAdatto attorney Jeff Segal

Jeffrey J. Segal, MD, JD

Jeffrey J. Segal was a neurosurgeon in private practice before beginning the second phase of his career as an attorney in the health care field. 

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