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General Questions

Q: Can ByrdAdatto represent me even if I am not based in Texas or Illinois?

A: Yes. Although our physical offices are located in Dallas and Chicago, we can work as outside general counsel for our clients in any state, meaning we can guide you on business and health care compliance matters. For states where we do not have a licensed attorney, we work with local counsel as ethically appropriate or when someone else is better suited to help with a particular issue.

Q: What is the first step in working with ByrdAdatto?

A: We like to start with a consultation call. You can schedule one by calling 214.291.3200 or by emailing us at

Q: How does ByrdAdatto charge?

A: We offer two billing platforms: Access+ and project-based billing. Visit the How We Charge page to learn more about these options.

Q: Does ByrdAdatto offer virtual meetings?

A: Yes. We are happy to schedule a meeting in the format that works best for you.

Q: Can ByrdAdatto help with medical board complaints?

A: We can assist with responding to medical board complaints. Visit the What We Do page to learn more about our services.

Q: Can ByrdAdatto help with a malpractice lawsuit?

A: ByrdAdatto handles business and health care transaction work. We do not handle litigation matters.

Q: Can ByrdAdatto help me sue my provider?

A: ByrdAdatto handles business and health care transaction work. We do not handle litigation matters.

Q: How long has ByrdAdatto been in business?

A: ByrdAdatto opened its doors in February 2015. To see our story, visit the Who We Are page. 

Q: What is ByrdAdatto’s focus?

A: ByrdAdatto handles business and health care transaction work. Visit the What We Do page to learn more about our services.

Q: Is ByrdAdatto hiring?

A: To learn more about current career opportunities, email

Q: How do I know ByrdAdatto is the right law firm for me?

A: ByrdAdatto is a relationship-based firm, so we tend to work well with clients looking for a long-term attorney-client solution. To see if we are the best fit for you, please reach out to schedule a consultation at or 214-291-3200.

Q: Does ByrdAdatto provide referrals?

A: If we are able, we are happy to provide a referral when a matter is outside our scope of practice.

Q: What do I do when I have a question for ByrdAdatto?

A: If you have a question, reach out to us at 214.291.3200 or If you are an Access+ relationship, reach out to your Access+ coordinator.

Q: What safety precautions is ByrdAdatto taking to address COVID-19 concerns?

A: We are conducting virtual meetings and taking limited in-person, socially distanced meetings. Additionally, we are limiting the number of outside guests into our offices.

Not part of Access+?

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Access+ Questions

Q: Tell me about Access+. What is it and how does it work?

A: Our Access+ relationship is one of the ways we work with our clients. Access+ integrates legal counsel into your advisory team with a predictable monthly fee. This option works well for our clients who value the ability to have unlimited access to their legal counsel and value the long-term view of a law firm relationship. The Access+ relationship allows us to be there with our clients throughout every season of their business. With Access+, you receive access to exclusive content through our Access+ portal. We offer three different plans based on your budget and business needs, plus custom options.

Q: Why can’t you just bill me hourly?

A: We have come to realize that the traditional hourly billing model does not foster alignment. We prioritize transparency with our billing, and we have found that it is impossible to communicate the fees in advance for hourly billing, which results in surprise bills.

Q: What’s better: project-based or Access+?

A: Both options are great. As a data point, about 75% of our clients are part of our Access+ relationships. Access+ works well for our clients who value access to their attorneys to answer questions as they arise.

Our Access+ relationships like that we come alongside them in their business and guide them as a business and compliance partner. They also value the predictable monthly fee. With project-based billing, you know the cost of your project upfront, you pay the fee, and we begin work.

Q: How long do I have to commit to Access+?

A: Access+ is designed as a 12-month commitment. While you can cancel at any time, we encourage clients to remain on the plan for at least 12 months to realize the full benefits for Access+. A one-time true-up payment may be owed if the total fees paid during a Plan Year is less than the pro-rated use of projects.

Q: What’s the fee if I cancel Access+?

A: If you decide to cancel prior to the end of the term, there is no termination fee; however there is the possibility of a one-time true-up payment may be owed if the total fees paid during a Plan Year is less than the pro-rated use of projects.

Q: Why can’t I pay for Access+ with a credit card or check?

A: We are able to charge the fees we do by having automated payments. This way, staffing is not needed for collection, and there are no credit card processing fees.

Q: $1,800/$2,000/$2,500 a month is a lot. Is there something else?

A: We found that small businesses who actively use their legal counsel — to be proactive with their business’s legal needs and to stay in front of the compliance culture we now see in the health care industry — will spend between $18,000 and $30,000 per year on their legal budget. We curated the different plans and benefits around this ideal budget for successful use of legal counsel.

Q: Do you negotiate prices?

A: We made a decision several years ago not to offer discounts; rather, we determine a fair price for projects and are consistent in the cost to all of our clients. Negotiating fees tends to create an unhealthy dynamic and a situation where other great clients may have paid more for the same project. With more than 100 years of collective experience, our attorneys are pretty good at determining what is required for us to provide legal services on a particular project. Consequently, we provide the project fee to our clients in advance of the work and offer them the choice as to whether they would like us to help with the project.

Q: Can I sign up for Access+ now and cancel in three months once my projects are complete?

A: Access+ is designed to be a 12-month commitment, so although there is no termination fee, we do not recommend Access+ as a tool to finance your project work. We have found that it is more economical to pay the project fee in those circumstances, because Access+ provides more benefits than the project work itself.

Q: Can I use Access+ as a payment plan for my projects and cancel after the work is complete?

A: Access+ is not a payment plan, although it has the benefits of making fixed payments per month. Rather, it offers so much more: With unlimited phone calls and emails, you can reach out to your attorney as questions arise. Our Access+ relationships also have access to a portal containing exclusive content.

Q: I don’t know what my business will be doing in three, six, or nine months. What if I pick the wrong plan?

A: We understand that sometimes it is hard to predict what will happen in your business, so you do have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your needs.

Q: What if I need more services than in Access+ Platinum?

A: We also have off-menu plans for those clients who need more than in Access+ Platinum.

Q: Can I use all of my projects right now, or do I have to spread them throughout the year?

A: You can use your projects as you see fit. Although we recommend keeping at least one minor project available in case something pops up later in the year, you have the ability to upgrade your plan or add projects for a project fee if you need additional work.

Q: What does it look like to have a compliance partner?

A: Compliance is not stagnant. Rather, laws, enforcement, technology, and providers change and tend to cause businesses to drift from being in compliance to non-compliance. As your compliance partner, we assist you with spotting the issues and developing the solutions with these changes in mind.

Q: If I sign up today, can I have my contract/meeting/etc. next week?

A: We strive to meet all of your deadlines. However, the more notice you can provide, the better we can address your needs.

Q: What is considered “non-retainer work,” and will I ever be billed for more than my monthly fee?

A: This question comes up with the language in our engagement agreement. We have clients who will use all of their projects and, rather than upgrade, pay a project fee for projects until their plan renews. The reference to non-retainer works provides the flexibility for us to provide pre-approved project work without needing a new engagement agreement. This work would only happen with approval and payment by our client, so there are no surprise bills.

Q: Can you define “unlimited phone calls”?

A: We encourage our clients to reach out whenever they have a question or concern. You will be scheduled for a 30-minute call with one of our attorneys, although often we can address your issue in a shorter time frame.

Q: What is the typical turnaround time for calls and emails?

A: First, we encourage good communication as part of our relationship. If you have an emergency, please let us know so we can prioritize. The typical time for a call to be scheduled in a non-emergency situation is a few days. You will typically hear back within one business day to schedule your call.

Q: Do we pick the attorneys we work with?

A: Our firm is built on a team structure where all attorneys have different strengths. Two attorneys are designated as your primary contacts for the relationship. Depending on the issue, they may pull in another attorney to help. We have found that our clients benefit from having a robust, multioffice legal department for their business.

Q: With Access+, do I get unlimited access to a specific attorney?

A: With Access+ you get unlimited access to our team of attorneys by phone and email. 

Q: How would the ByrdAdatto team be structured? Who would be leading projects for us?

A: Your Access+ Team starts with a supervising attorney and a paralegal to manage projects and communications. We are a collaborative law firm and will use the most appropriate person to help with various projects, so you will have the opportunity to interact with multiple members of our team. You also will work with our Access+ Assistants for scheduling and other administrative help.

Q: What is a considered a minor or major project under Access+?

A: Projects are considered a minor or major project based on the complexity of the matter and the anticipated work required.

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