Who We Are

We are dedicated to helping one another succeed.

In the complicated maze of business and health care legal issues, ByrdAdatto seeks to create simplicity for our clients. This includes making the law accessible and easy to understand through ongoing education, thought leadership, and creative solutions that positively impact our clients and their businesses.

Our Story

The story of ByrdAdatto began long before Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto became attorneys. As sons of doctors who owned private medical practices, Michael and Brad grew up around the influences of both medicine and business. These influences led Michael to become a business and health care attorney in Dallas, and Brad to do the same in New Orleans. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced Brad and his family. With change comes opportunity, and in 2006, Brad and his family moved to Dallas and he began working with Michael.

ByrdAdatto Founding Partner Bradford E. Adatto

Brad Adatto

ByrdAdatto founding partner Michael Byrd

Michael Byrd

They soon discovered that they worked well together. Their personalities, skills, work ethic, and interests clicked. They shared a common view of how business law should work: It should be transparent, creative, and focused on the client’s best interests. And, in a world where lawyers often seemed to make simple matters overly complex, they felt that it was their job to create simplicity.

Today, ByrdAdatto is a growing practice with locations in Dallas and Chicago. ByrdAdatto serves clients in many industries, with a heavy focus on the health care industry. The firm’s attorneys have become a national voice, routinely lecturing throughout the country at medical, dental, and legal conferences. Inspired by the reach of training and education provided at conferences, Michael and Brad launched the Legal 123s With ByrdAdatto podcast to help simplify complicated issues that come with owning a successful business. ByrdAdatto eliminates inefficiencies often associated with law firms and instead offers creative solutions while striving to make the law accessible and easy to understand.

ByrdAdatto attorneys at their law firm

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are immersed in the industries we serve, allowing us to provide a unique perspective on business and health care legal matters.

Get to Know Us

What Our Clients Say

As a network of over 20 clinics in 15 states, ensuring that our clinics comply with state and federal regulations with regards to CPOM is critical. ByrdAdatto has been an incredible partner, helping us navigate all the state-level intricacies, stay clear of issues not picked up by generalist firms who used to represent many of our clinics, and keep CPP out of trouble. We have been extremely privileged to work with their team and could not recommend a better counsel in this industry.

– Daniel Schacter, Chief Executive Officer of Cosmetic Physician Partners

ByrdAdatto was instrumental in ensuring my companies are legally compliant and structured in a manner to create opportunities without violating CPOM. I trust them with my businesses and encourage anyone running medical practices to look into CPOM compliance from day one.

– Nicole Chiaramonte, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Medaesthetic Partners

At Skytale, our consulting clients frequently come to us with questions around MSOs, including what they are, whether they need them, and whether they should implement them due to legal or strategic purposes. Our preferred team to work with is the ByrdAdatto team as they know the laws, by state, as well as how to use MSOs as a tool if wanting to strategically grow and scale.

– Ben Hernandez, Partner and Managing Director for Skytale Group

ByrdAdatto has been a trusted advisor since our first location. We would not be where we are today without them. As we pass our 25th location their expertise is still helpful today as it was during our initial meetings.

– Ryan Rao, Chief Development Officer & Partner of VIO Med Spa

As a consultant in the aesthetic space, our goal is to help practices rise to the level of success from the start. We refer all of our clients to ByrdAdatto as they are experts in their field specializing in aesthetic medicine. They take action, operate with a sense of priority, treat every client in a unique fashion and provide the highest level of service. I know and feel confident our clients are well taken care of, and set up properly working with this team.

– Terri Ross, Founder and CEO of Terri Ross Consulting and Founder and Co-CEO of APX Platform

Our Values

The Lawyer’s Creed governs our ethical conduct as attorneys. We take this responsibility seriously, yet it’s only the starting point in reflecting our character. What gives our firm its character? In a word: values. We demonstrate these traits in everything we do. At ByrdAdatto, we sum up our core values as the “3 C’s”: Communicate, Compete, and Create.

Under Texas law, ByrdAdatto is required to provide the following notice of the State Bar’s grievance procedures. The State Bar of Texas investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by Texas attorneys. Although not every complaint against or dispute with a lawyer involves professional misconduct, the State Bar Office of General Counsel will provide information about how to file a complaint. For more information, please call the toll-free number 1-800-932-1900.


Communication starts with listening. Our advice is clear, simple, prompt, and direct to address the concerns expressed by our clients.


We compete by confronting every issue with enthusiasm, diligence, persistence, and perseverance. We play hard for our clients.


We create by thinking outside the box and finding smarter solutions to our clients’ problems. If there’s a better way to do something, we find it. If there are multiple ways to do it, we choose the simplest, most straightforward solution.

ByrdAdatto University

ByrdAdatto believes that education and training build the best foundation for excellence. ByrdAdatto University (BAU) was founded in 2017 as a response to the gap we saw between continuing legal education (CLE) offerings and what our attorneys needed to effectively represent clients. BAU embodies our commitment to our core values of Communicate, Compete, and Create. We have since expanded BAU to our Access+ members, including online courses and training.

Our Community Focus

At the heart of ByrdAdatto is a spirit of serving and caring for others. Although we’re passionate about serving the business, legal, and health care needs of our clients, we know what we do during office hours is a small part of a much bigger story. There are real heroes and people in this world who, through no fault of their own, need basic human care, compassion, and support.

We are honored to be in a position to share our time and resources with those who have sacrificed themselves for our country, who provide free health services to others, and who provide housing for vulnerable youth. We proudly partner with several organizations that support these important causes.

Volunteers sorting clothes

Carry The Load is a nonprofit that restores the true meaning of Memorial Day by connecting Americans to the daily sacrifices of our military, law enforcement, firefighters, and rescue personnel. Brad Adatto served on the board of the Dallas chapter and captains a team each year for the Dallas Memorial Day march. We proudly donate our time to counsel the organization.

LEAP Global Missions is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of people around the world by providing free specialized medical services in the love of Christ. Dedicating time, expertise, and often their own resources, LEAP volunteers — including both medical specialists and non-medical professionals — work tirelessly to provide exceptional medical and surgical care. Michael Byrd serves on the board of directors, and our team proudly donates time to counsel the organization.

Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide critical support to military service members, first responders, and civilians who have survived burn injuries. The organization brings together passionate community leaders, pioneering physicians, experienced military service members, dedicated first responders, and purposeful civilians to complete the mission. We proudly donate our time to serve as general counsel to the organization.

Founded in 1984, Promise House is a nonprofit haven where neglected, abused, and at-risk youth are met with stability through crisis intervention, counseling, educational services, and transitional housing. Its volunteers work 24/7 advocating for children, teens, and young adults, giving them all a place to call home. Since 2017, ByrdAdatto has provided gifts that help the residents of Promise House feel even more at home during the Christmas season.

Birds Eye View Project was founded by Navy SEAL Ryan “Birdman” Parrott as a way to serve those who protect us. Their mission is to provide a platform for nonprofits that benefit veterans and first responders by raising awareness and funding on a larger scale. Brad Adatto serves on the board of directors, and ByrdAdatto proudly donates our time to counsel the organization.