How We Charge

Our billing is simple and transparent.

Our platforms are designed to eliminate two traditional flaws in law firm billing: unpredictable invoices and unclear payment expectations. ByrdAdatto has two billing platforms designed with our clients in mind: Access+ membership and project-based.

Access+ Membership

Access+ membership best suits clients who desire the security that comes with ongoing access to a team of attorneys who can deal with business and health care compliance legal issues as they arise. Think of us as your legal department.


Access+ Silver ($1,800/month)

Access+ Silver works well for smaller startup businesses or mature businesses with more limited legal needs.

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Access+ Gold ($2,000/month)

Access+ Gold is the most popular plan and works best for startup and early-stage businesses.

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Access+ Platinum ($2,500/month)

Access+ Platinum works best for businesses with multiple locations, unusual compliance risks, a more complex business structure, or those with an active growth strategy.

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Project-Based Billing

Our project-based billing process is simple. We determine the scope of work and cost and communicate that to you. Upon approval, you make a payment to us, and we start the project. If issues arise outside the scope of services, those will be billed as a separate project.

Communication is the backbone of this platform. It works best for projects that are clearly and easily defined. Project-based is a good option for clients who only use legal counsel when they perceive a legal need, as opposed to ongoing strategic guidance.

Let us help you choose the plan that is right for you.

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Still Have Questions?

See the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our billing platforms.

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What Our Clients Say

We had the opportunity to sit down with Brad and have a whiteboard meeting to go over all our options in creating a company agreement.  I have never had the experience of sitting down with an attorney and brainstorming options available, talking about potential legal pitfalls, illustrating the impact of our decisions right there in front of us, and ultimately walking away with a plan we all felt good about, and more importantly, understood! We’ve already scheduled a second one for another issue. I highly recommend the whiteboard sessions.

– Jessica Nunn, Maven Financial Partners

Our experience with Access+ has been great. There is nothing better than having a question pop up and having immediate access to multiple lawyers who really know the health care and plastic surgery industry. We get answers within minutes. It has saved us a lot of emotional grief and saved us a lot of money, because they provide us with correct answers.

– Paco Canales, MD, Co-Founder of Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa

I have greatly appreciated Jim’s service to date. Jim has been extremely responsive on nights and weekends, professional and balanced in all dealings, and shown deep knowledge on all areas of what we are seeking to do. Thanks for the fantastic support. I look forward to continued work with your firm as we grow Cosmetic Physician Partners together.

– Jeff Hart, Manager, Cosmetic Physician Partners

ByrdAdatto has helped us overcome some obstacles, particularly related to employees. We feel that ByrdAdatto is a true leader. They really guide us and we have complete trust in their advice on whatever problem we bring to them. This has really been key for us. They are so deeply personal, I really feel they are friends.

– Heather Furnas, MD, Co-Founder of Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Jay Reyero, Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd for their expertise and guidance with setting up my new practice. I can never forget their level of patience, attention to detail, and the valuable resources that the staff and practice has had to offer.

– Cunardline Bienvenu, Owner of Total Rejuvenation Medspa