How We Charge

Our billing is simple and transparent.

Our platforms are designed to eliminate two traditional flaws in law firm billing: unpredictable invoices and unclear payment expectations. ByrdAdatto has two billing platforms designed with our clients in mind: Access+ relationship and project-based.

Access+ Relationship

Access+ best suits clients who desire the security that comes with ongoing access to a team of attorneys who can deal with business and health care compliance legal issues as they arise. Think of us as your legal department.


Access+ Silver ($1,800/month)

Access+ Silver works well for smaller startup businesses or mature businesses with more limited legal needs.

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Access+ Gold ($2,000/month)

Access+ Gold is the most popular plan and works best for startup and early-stage businesses.

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Access+ Platinum ($2,500/month)

Access+ Platinum works best for businesses with multiple locations, unusual compliance risks, a more complex business structure, or those with an active growth strategy.

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Project-Based Billing

Our project-based billing process is simple. We determine the scope of work and cost and communicate that to you. Upon approval, you make a payment to us, and we start the project. If issues arise outside the scope of services, those will be billed as a separate project.

Communication is the backbone of this platform. It works best for projects that are clearly and easily defined. Project-based is a good option for clients who only use legal counsel when they perceive a legal need, as opposed to ongoing strategic guidance.

Let us help you choose the plan that is right for you.

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Still Have Questions?

See the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our billing platforms.

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What Our Clients Say

As a consultant in the aesthetic space, our goal is to help practices rise to the level of success from the start. We refer all of our clients to ByrdAdatto as they are experts in their field specializing in aesthetic medicine. They take action, operate with a sense of priority, treat every client in a unique fashion and provide the highest level of service. I know and feel confident our clients are well taken care of, and set up properly working with this team.

– Terri Ross, Founder and CEO of Terri Ross Consulting and Founder and Co-CEO of APX Platform

ByrdAdatto has been a trusted advisor since our first location. We would not be where we are today without them. As we pass our 25th location their expertise is still helpful today as it was during our initial meetings.

– Ryan Rao, Chief Development Officer & Partner of VIO Med Spa

As a network of over 20 clinics in 15 states, ensuring that our clinics comply with state and federal regulations with regards to CPOM is critical. ByrdAdatto has been an incredible partner, helping us navigate all the state-level intricacies, stay clear of issues not picked up by generalist firms who used to represent many of our clinics, and keep CPP out of trouble. We have been extremely privileged to work with their team and could not recommend a better counsel in this industry.

– Daniel Schacter, Chief Executive Officer of Cosmetic Physician Partners

At Skytale, our consulting clients frequently come to us with questions around MSOs, including what they are, whether they need them, and whether they should implement them due to legal or strategic purposes. Our preferred team to work with is the ByrdAdatto team as they know the laws, by state, as well as how to use MSOs as a tool if wanting to strategically grow and scale.

– Ben Hernandez, Partner and Managing Director for Skytale Group

ByrdAdatto was instrumental in ensuring my companies are legally compliant and structured in a manner to create opportunities without violating CPOM. I trust them with my businesses and encourage anyone running medical practices to look into CPOM compliance from day one.

– Nicole Chiaramonte, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Medaesthetic Partners