Challenges of Private Equity-Backed Health Care

Over the last several years, private equity activity progressively made its entrance into the market of dental support and management service organizations. Now, the trend has made its way into the practice of dermatology, and the field is divided over the rise of private equity—not only in dermatology—but in other areas of medicine as well, […]

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123’s of Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions usually involve a good deal of due diligence before a purchaser fully commits to the acquisition of the target company. Due Diligence is the period in which the purchaser will access the target company’s books and records to verify whether what the purchaser has been told or otherwise believes is true, complete, […]

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123’s of Negotiation

Most prefer to avoid confrontation and that preference has its virtues. At the same time, however, that general mindset can result in a tendency to cave during negotiations. It does not mean that one should be provocative and confrontational during negotiations as such a stance may have adverse results. However, holding your position, even when […]

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123’s of Subscription Billing in Professional Services

Subscription billing for products flips the traditional product purchase model on its head. Rather than purchase a product, consumers purchase the right to use the product. Netflix and Spotify embody the power of this business model. On January 17, 2016, Forbes magazine published an article titled  “How the Subscription Economy is Disrupting the Traditional Business […]

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123’s of Private Equity for DSOs and MSOs

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and Management Service Organizations (MSOs) share similar business and legal compliance characteristics. DSOs are management organizations in the business of providing all back-office business management services to dental practices. MSOs, on the other hand, provide similar business services to support medical practices. The common thread between MSOs and DSOs in the […]

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ByrdAdatto Moves to New Offices in Chicago

We’re so excited to announce that the ByrdAdatto Chicago office has brand new digs! We’ve moved to newly renovated office space in the West Loop! Our new address is 224 N. Desplaines St., Suite 600S Chicago, IL 60661. Come by and say hello!

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