Season 9 Preview and Schedule

July 6, 2022

In this episode, hosts Michael and Brad reflect on the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto podcast Season 8, The Universal Language – Business. They also reveal the theme and share a sneak peek of what is to come in Season 9 starting July 13th. You will not want to miss it!

We are also excited to release the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto Season 9 podcast schedule. You can listen to all nine seasons of the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other platforms!

Season 9 Schedule

EpisodeTitle Release Date
Season 9 Episode 0Season 9 PreviewJuly 6, 2022
Season 9 Episode 1100th Episode! Specialty Spotlight With Hosts Michael Byrd and Brad AdattoJuly 13, 2022
Season 9 Episode 2Specialty Spotlight: Orthopedic Surgery With NFL Team Doctor Karim Meijer, MDJuly 20, 2022
Season 9 Episode 3Specialty Spotlight: Plastic Surgery With Brad Calobrace, MDJuly 27, 2022
Season 9 Episode 4Specialty Spotlight: Ambulatory Surgery Centers With Woody MooreAugust 3, 2022
Season 9 Episode 5Specialty Spotlight: Optometry With Danny Clarke, ODAugust 10, 2022
Season 9 Episode 6Specialty Spotlight: Lasers With Jay Burns, MDAugust 17, 2022
Season 9 Episode 7Specialty Spotlight: Dermatology With Paul Jarrod Frank, MDAugust 24, 2022
Season 9 Episode 8Specialty Spotlight: Behavioral Health With Brandi Sinclair, LPC-SAugust 31, 2022
Season 9 Episode 9Specialty Spotlight: DSOs with Justin Puckett, JDSeptember 7, 2022
Season 9 Episode 10Specialty Spotlight: Scoliosis Spine Surgery With Richard Hostin, MDSeptember 14, 2022
ByrdAdatto Founding Partner Bradford E. Adatto

Bradford E. Adatto

ByrdAdatto founding partner Michael Byrd

Michael S. Byrd