Season 7 Preview

January 5, 2022

In this episode, Michael and Brad reflect on their favorite stories from season six of the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto podcast and our theme, Zoom In. We also share a sneak peek of what is to come next season starting January 12th and reveal our new theme. You will not want to miss it!

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Intro: [00:00:00] Welcome to Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. Legal issues, simplified through real client stories and real world experiences. Creating simplicity in three, two, one.

Brad: Welcome back to another episode of Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. I’m your host Brad Adatto with my cohost Michael Byrd.

Michael: As a business and healthcare law firm, details matter. Our season six theme was zoom in. Once we know our big picture vision or strategy, we have to roll up our sleeves to get the work done. With each episode of season six, we had our typical stories and we made sure we talked about specific actions to focus on for 2022.

Brad: Absolutely, Michael. And what a season! We had 13 episodes for season six, it started off with strangest jobs with our partner, Alex Thiersch and special guests, Dr. Chris Surek and we ended the season six with retirement disability planning with Larry Keller. I mean, all in all, we had 11 guests, of course not [00:01:00] including our season, regular Jay Reyero.

Michael: I’m mostly a big picture guy as you know and I like my context and I like to think about the vision and so it’s a little uncomfortable to roll up into the details, but I had a blast this season and I was excited about our opening show with Chris and Alex. I was also excited that Dr. Stevens was back on the show and so many guests joined us during season six.

Brad: Yeah it was great. You know, we were able, as you said to be in my wheelhouse most of the season, which is why details do matter.

Michael: Yes. Brad, something you love and why we’re a good partnership. Thanks again, to all of our loyal listeners. You and I have been, Brad lucky enough to speak with some of our listeners on the phone and even meet a few of you in person. I’ve especially like to thank those of you who have subscribed. It’s really helpful to the reach of other [00:02:00] potential listeners out there. And of course the written reviews and five-star ratings are so appreciated.

Brad: Absolutely. A few shout outs to some of the loyal listeners out there that we’ve talked to that’s including Gina and Dennis and Sue. And of course, Brandon and well, Michael, that does wrap up season six, but don’t panic. Season seven is just one week away launching on January 12th. Michael, what do we have in store for our audience for next year?

Michael: Well, Brad in season seven as a business and health care law firm, we’re sometimes triggered by certain buzzwords our clients will say in conversation. We know that there is potential disaster when we hear these words and are immediately on high alert. So this season’s theme is red flags.

Brad: Woohoo! Yeah, we have a great lineup for season seven. We’re going to do 11 episodes. We’re going to of course, bring back our series regular contributor, Jay Reyero.

Michael: I’m [00:03:00] excited about our opening show, Red Flags: Independent Contractors.

Brad: Well, what I am most excited for about seven is we gussied up this podcast room. I mean look at it. Thanks to our off-camera Riley and Stephanie who also helped design this room and you get to see us, well for better or for worse you get to see us on this video platform and you know, the room looks great. I don’t know about our faces, but the room looks great.

Michael: Well, I think I heard you say that the room looks better than your face, Brad and I agree. What I love about this season is that we’ve introduced a fun way to interrupt each other when we hear the red flags in the story and we had a blast the way our audience can learn how our minds are reacting when we hear a client speak with us and we hear the red flags.

Brad: Yeah, but none of the clients that we just referenced are none of you guys that we speak to, different ones. [00:04:00] Well, I’m not sure how much the audience really wants to learn about how our minds think, Michael, but this season will be a ton of fun. Michael, I think that’s all the time we have, but we are so grateful to all our loyal listeners who have joined us for the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. For now, we’re going to say goodbye. We look forward to launching season seven, starting January 12th.

Outro: Thanks again for joining us today. And remember, if you liked this episode, please subscribe. Make sure to give us a five- star rating and share with your friends. You can also sign up for the ByrdAdatto newsletter by going to our website at ByrdAdatto is providing this podcast as a public service. This podcast is for educational purposes only. This podcast does not constitute legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship. Reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by ByrdAdatto. The views expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. [00:5:00] Please consult with an attorney on your legal issues.

Check out season seven’s schedule here.

ByrdAdatto Founding Partner Bradford E. Adatto

Bradford E. Adatto

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