Super Lawyers: By Subscription- How ByrdAdatto Is Replacing Traditional Billing With a Spotify-Esque System

November 10, 2020

ByrdAdatto’s billing is simple and transparent. Our platforms are designed to eliminate two traditional flaws in law firm billing: unpredictable bills to the clients and unclear payment expectations for the clients. Consider a smarter, easier and more innovative way to access legal services — Access+.

ByrdAdatto built Access+ to create access to sophisticated business and compliance legal services desperately needed by small businesses. In a time where legal counsel is needed more than ever before, we have been able to provide our Access+ members with helpful information and advice to navigate the current environment.

Access+ LogoHowever, Access+ inadvertently solved a larger problem, as the predictable monthly membership fee has been a lifeline of certainty in the chaos of a global pandemic.

Access+ provides you unlimited phone and email access to ByrdAdatto, giving you feedback on legal concerns as they arise. Access+ integrates legal counsel into your advisory team, while limiting costs to a predictable monthly fee. With various levels of coverage, you can get the access that is in line with your budget—and gain your own legal department.

“I almost pinch myself sometimes because it’s the realization of something I have been dreaming about probably since 2003.” Says Byrd. “A large portion of our client base will come to us and say, ‘This is brilliant. I can’t believe that no one else has figured out how to solve this.’ … It works well for the people that are engaged with us. Those are the ones that are really happy.”

ByrdAdatto is honored to receive this feature on the 2020 Texas Super Lawyers Magazine and will continue its commitment to creating simplicity in resolving complex issues for its clients. For more information on Access+ contact us today at