Introducing ByrdAdatto’s Access+ Monthly Retainer Billing Platform

March 8, 2018

Alternative fee billing has long been a trending topic in law firm billing. The topic is not new, because clients and law firms alike recognize the broken system with traditional hourly billing.

ByrdAdatto has offered alternative billing arrangements for many years, but now are taking it a step further. On the How We Charge page, we explain our simple and transparent billing model. Our primary platforms for payment are our Access+ monthly retainer platform and our project-based, pay-as-you-go platform.

Access+ integrates legal counsel into your advisory team, while limiting costs to a predictable monthly fee. Access+ works best for clients who want access to their attorneys to help navigate the business and health care environment at a set monthly fee. Access+ eliminates the fear and distraction of unknown legal costs. You can learn more about membership plans here.

If you would like more information as to whether Access+ is a fit for your business, please contact us at or 214-291-3200