Med Spa Worker Charged With Unlawful Practice of Medicine

April 26, 2017

A cosmetologist at a Houston medical spa was charged with practicing medicine without a license.

Lilibeth Camargo, who is employed at DC Medical Spa in Houston, is alleged to have been providing buttock injections that led to post-procedure complications for at least two patients.

It is unclear what substances were injected into the patients, but they each resulted in serious complications. In fact, one patient needed treatment at an emergency department.

This new case follows the recent conviction of a Dallas-based amateur cosmetic surgeon, Denise Ross, for the unlawful practice of medicine and subsequent murder conviction. Denise Ross is currently facing up to life in prison. See related article here. Another person, Jimmy Joe “Alicia” Clarke, was also charged in connection with the case and will be tried in June of this year.

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ByrdAdatto Founding Partner Bradford E. Adatto

Bradford E. Adatto

Brad decided to become a lawyer during sixth-grade Career Day, when he promised to represent his best friend, a future doctor. A few decades later, he started his own law firm that focused on representing health care and corporate clients.

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