In this episode, we take a look back on our favorite “dumpster fire” stories from season three of the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. We also share a sneak peek of season four which starts on April 7th.

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Intro: [00:00:00] Welcome to Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. Legal issues simplified through real client stories and real world experiences. Creating simplicity in three, two, one.

Brad: Welcome back to another episode of Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto. I’m your host, Brad Adatto with my cohost Michael Byrd.

Michael: Thanks Brad. As a business and healthcare law firm, we meet a lot of interesting people and we have some amazing dumpster fire stories.

Brad: Yes. And in season three, we’re able to share many of these dumpster fire stories with our amazing audience. We started the season with our new partner, Greg Cardenas, and it kept going on all the way to the end of season, what caps off the dumpster fire stories with “too good to be true”. But I want to thank our guests for season three, with which besides Greg, we had Sarah Wirskye, Jay and Mara Shorr, Jay Reyero, and our podcast engineer, Rob Griffin. I also want to thank our great audience [00:01:00] for continually listening to us on multiple different platforms and leaving us five star reviews.

Michael: Yeah, it’s been great. I’m really grateful. We’ve been having so much fun recording this podcast and that last season was no different going through our dumpster fires. And really Brad, it was kind of like staring at the sun. You can’t not do it, but there are some real life lessons or pearls of wisdom that can be gained from each of these stories that hopefully it can be a cautionary tale for our audience. What was your favorite episode from the season?

Brad: Yeah, that’s pretty tough. We had a lot of fun with the dumpster fire season, and excluding obviously all our great guests, episode three, A Preventable Death to Your Practice was a lot of fun. And episode 10, [00:02:00] When Private Parts Create a Privacy Problem, was also a really fun episode to relive. But what about you, what was your favorite?

Michael: You know I hate doing this, Brad.

Brad: I know. That’s why I asked.

Michael: Well, I’m going to redirect and play politician, and answer what I want to answer. Which is the funniest moment of the season was when you had come up with the idea to use the, in the Too Good to Be True episode, the speaker story of almost buying the speakers. And when I confessed to you that I was that sucker, it took us about 15 to 20 minutes to get back on track.

Brad: Yes. And I think even funnier is that our, bringing Rob back into it, that Rob had a similar story, different town, but almost the same thing, but yes, fun story. Well, Michael, believe it or not, that does wrap up season three. Season four is just around the corner with our first episode, Breaking Out of Your Fishbowl with [00:03:00] Nicole Chiaramonte. This episode will be released next Wednesday and Michael, what do we have in store for our audience in season four?

Michael: Well, the last few seasons, we’ve had several stories where the person needed to recognize that they should have stopped and asked for help. And so we’re kind of switching gears a little bit for season four and, through our stories, going to educate our audience on this theme of when should I ask for help? And so we have some really cool stories. You can maybe share a little bit more about that.

Brad: Yeah, Michael, in season four, we have, again, 12 episodes. This season, for our guests, we have a plastic surgeon joining us, some M&A advisors, we actually have some Navy seals coming back again, and other special surprise guests that will help us out throughout this year, all pushing you to better understand when and how I should ask for help.

Michael: Yes. Well, for many of us, Brad, [00:04:00] 2020 did not go as planned.

Brad: No, it did not.

Michael: In fact, I probably should just say for everyone, I don’t think anyone predicted it, even Fauci. No, but knowing when to ask for help as has always been important, even more so in 2021. And we’re so grateful to have all of you joining us on the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto, for now we’re going to say goodbye and look forward to you joining us for season four, starting on April 7th, 2021.

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ByrdAdatto founding partner Michael Byrd

Michael S. Byrd

As the son of a doctor and entrepreneur, ByrdAdatto attorney Michael S. Byrd has a personal connection to both business and medicine.