ByrdAdatto Lends a Helping Hand at ByrdAdatto University

August 9, 2019

As part of ByrdAdatto University, ByrdAdatto and its affiliate, the American Med Spa Association or AmSpa (ByrdAdatto and AmSpa are, collectively, “AmSpyrDatto”), joined forces for a two-day retreat in Colorado for a collaborative member services summit. Training, education, and team building were integral themes throughout the summit where the two groups shared new ideas, information, and visions for the future through roundtable discussions and activities.

But the summit was more than just team building— it was team building with a purpose. The AmSpyrDatto team worked together to make a global impact by building 10 prosthetic hands for Odyssey’s Helping Hands Project! The Helping Hands/Build-a-Hand Project is a charitable, team building program that connects your team to the “WHY” of their work, each other, and the world. Each of the hands built by AmSpyrDatto will be donated around the world!