New Texas Laser Hair Removal Regulations

December 4, 2017

On November 1, 2017, new regulations went into effect that had been adopted by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (“TDLR”) for the regulation of laser hair removal.

As part of the transition of several licensing programs from the Texas Department of State Health Services (“DSHS”) to TDLR, TDLR is now responsible for issuing certificates of registration to laser hair removal facilities, qualified individuals who perform laser hair removal procedures, and agency-accepted training programs within the state of Texas.

The new regulations apply to all persons who operate a location that provides laser hair removal procedures using laser hair removal devices and to all persons who perform or attempt to perform laser hair removal procedures using laser hair removal devices.  Laser hair removal devices are those used for nonablative hair removal only (i.e. does not remove the epidermis).

However, the regulations make clear that they do not apply to a physician or to a physician’s employee or delegate and TDLR reiterates that they do not regulate “laser hair removal performed in a licensed hospital, a clinic owned or operated by a licensed hospital, or a facility owned or operated by a physician for the practice of medicine.”

You can read the new regulations here.

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