Houston Illegal Med Spa Activity – Another Botox Arrest

March 1, 2019

In the latest crackdown on illegal med spa activity in Houston, another person was arrested and charged for the unlawful practice of medicine.

On Wednesday, the owner of Paloma Clinic Spa in northwest Houston was arrested for offering illegal Botox injections to an undercover officer. Police allege that the owner is not licensed to give Botox injections but that she offered Botox injections to the undercover officer.

This arrest is part of the efforts of a special task force, the Houston Police Major Offenders Unit, which is tasked with taking on illegal activity at med spas. With the creation of a dedicated task force and multiple arrests over the last four months, it is clear that Houston Police are serious about ensuring public safety and MedSpa compliance.  It is critical that MedSpas evaluate their compliance efforts to ensure not only proper ownership, but also the proper protocols for supervision and delegation are in place for all medical procedures.

If you have questions regarding MedSpa ownership, supervision and delegation protocol, or compliance in general, please email us at info@byrdadatto.com.

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