123s of Naturopathic Medicine

Medical consumers are becoming more and more discerning when it comes to seeking health care. Healthier lifestyles, a growing distrust of pharmaceuticals and an opioid crisis, have many seeking treatment outside of traditional medicine. Naturopathic medicine, or naturopathy, is one alternative. Rather than treating and diagnosing individual symptoms, naturopathy aims to treat the whole patient, […]

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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

ByrdAdatto would like to wish you and yours a Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoyed those around you, some delicious chocolates, and beautiful flowers – but not necessarily in that order.

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James Stanford to Present on the ABC’s of Corporate Structure

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, James Stanford will present on the ABC’s of Corporate Structure via webinar for the American Med Spa Association (“AmSpa”).  The one-hour webinar will address key issues when selecting the type of corporate entity, tax election options and implications of such tax election. If you are interested in attending, this live […]

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Fake or Real: Medical Director Agreements

Fake or Real: Medical director agreements are not required in management services organization (“MSO”) arrangements. Real! The purpose of a medical director agreement is to memorialize the responsibilities of a physician, which are typically entail supervision and delegation, and address physician compensation.  In an MSO, the physician who owns the medical entity is usually the […]

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Alert: Updates on the Texas Botox Arrests

At the end of 2018, ByrdAdatto wrote several articles on the Texas Botox arrests that resulted in four different medical spa providers being led away in handcuffs or turning themselves into police. These arrests sent shockwaves through the MedSpa community as it marked an aggressive change in enforcement.   However, since that time, three of […]

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123s of Employment Policies for Your Business

Policies are to employees of a business what rules are to the players of a game. Employment policies act as a framework for how a business is managed and employees are expected to conduct themselves at work, and at the same time, these policies protect the business and reduce the risk of liability. For anyone […]

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