Peer Review

Some issues are highly sensitive and can impact a professional’s ability to practice their profession.

Peer review and credentialing is an extremely delicate issue, whether a client is struggling to work through a privilege or licensing issue, or is under attack for an alleged violation. In these matters, all communication with medical executive committees or licensing boards must be taken seriously. They have access to in-house counsel, outside counsel and a host of other staff. If you encounter a crisis related to behavior, performance and oversight, ByrdAdatto can help you respond quickly, effectively, and professionally.

In addition to the legal complexities, we also recognize that these issues are very personal and stressful to a provider, and we handle them accordingly. Our team represents providers in all phases of credentialing and other peer review actions. The legal risks are enormously high, but we communicate clearly and act decisively to protect our doctors, dentists, and other providers.


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