Special: Fires, Hurricanes, and Pandemic: 3 Truths and No Lies With Paco and Heather Canales

October 14, 2020

Michael and Brad are joined by friends, clients and board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Paco Canales and Dr. Heather Furnas. Paco and Heather share their inspiring story of perseverance and growth through obstacles they have been faced with. Paco and Heather’s story is a perfect example of our theme this season, “Thinking Outside the Box.” Tune in as they share ways they have learned to adapt, and the importance of communication and community in difficult times.


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ByrdAdatto founding partner Michael Byrd

Michael S. Byrd

As the son of a doctor and entrepreneur, ByrdAdatto attorney Michael S. Byrd has a personal connection to both business and medicine.

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