Our Story

The story of ByrdAdatto began long before Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto became attorneys. As sons of doctors who owned private medical practices, Michael and Brad grew up around the influences of both medicine and business. These influences led Michael to become a business and health care attorney in Dallas and Brad to become the same in New Orleans. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced Brad and his family. With change comes opportunity, and in 2006, Brad and his family moved to Dallas and he began working with Michael.

They soon discovered that they worked well together. Their personalities, skills, work ethic and interests all clicked. They shared a common view of how business law should work: It should be transparent, creative, and focused on the client’s best interests. And, in a world where lawyers often seemed to make simple matters overly complex, they felt that it was their job to create simplicity.

From the outset, they wanted a practice where they could write their own story and practice their own brand of law. Among their goals: To eliminate the inefficiencies often associated with law firms. To offer creative solutions. To make business law accessible and easy to understand. To go beyond simply managing documents, and to serve as a proactive, trusted advisor who was dedicated to making a profound difference on the client’s long term financial and professional success.

Michael and Brad lectured for years throughout the country on business and health care issues.  Their practice grew into a national business and health care presence. Today, ByrdAdatto is the next chapter in their story – a boutique national law firm focused on making the complex simple for businesses, entrepreneurs, doctors, dentists, attorneys, CPAs, public figures and high net worth individuals.



The Texas Lawyer’s Creed governs our ethical conduct as attorneys.  We take this responsibility seriously; yet, this is only the starting point in reflecting our character.

What gives our firm its character? In a word, our values — those traits that all of us are expected to display in everything we do. At ByrdAdatto, we sum up our core values as the 3C’s: Communicate, Compete and Create.



Communication starts with listening. Our advice is clear, simple, prompt and direct to speak to the concerns expressed by our clients.


We compete by confronting every issue with enthusiasm, diligence, persistence, and perseverance. We play hard for our clients.


We create by thinking outside the box, finding new, smarter solutions to the problems our clients face. If there’s a better way to do something, we find it. If there are multiple ways to do it, we find the most simple, straightforward solution.


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